Wrestling Mindset helped me become more aggressive and relentless. It helped me create goals for wrestling, school, and life. It helped me have a set routine before every match. Wrestling Mindset is a game changer.

Gannon Beach2024 PJW 12U State Runner-up

Wrestling Mindset has completely changed me on and off the mat. I went from a shy and timid, to being confident and believing in myself and my abilities.

Jake Conroy2024 PA AAA 4th Place
2023 Fargo Freestyle 16U Runner-up
2023 Fargo Greco 16U 5th Place

“This program is well worth the money. Having those 1-on-1 calls consistently with my mindset coach has improved me as a wrestler but also has helped me in life.”

Chloe HerrickCollege Wrestler for Missouri Baptist

Wrestling Mindset has helped me consistently compete at a high level without worrying about expectations and other things outside of my control. It has helped me become more aggressive on the mat and more confident off the mat.

Cam SontzNJ State Champion
Fargo 16U FS 5th Place
Pan Am FS Challenge Champion
US Open FS Runner-up

The biggest impact mindset training has had on my wrestling career is that I am able to stay calm and focused on the big stage and in big matches.

Kole Davidheiser2023 Fargo JR FS 4th place
3x Freestyle Fargo All American
2x Greco Fargo All American
2023 PA State Medalist - 5th

I used to struggle being nervous before big matches. Wrestling Mindset has really helped me by boosting my confidence and settling my nerves. Wrestling Mindset has also taken my wrestling to the next level by helping me stay on the attack with the Predator Mindset.

Chase KarenbauerMultiple Time PA JH State Champion

Wrestling Mindset has improved Kyle’s focus during matches. He has a pre-match routine and resets his mind before every match. There is more of a level mindset before each match now vs. getting really amped up in the past.

Kyle Jardine – 14U OH FS & GR State ChampGuy Jardine, Kyle's Dad

Wrestling Mindset helped me learn to push myself everyday, by taking myself out of my comfort zone. Wrestling mindset works on one of the most important aspects of wrestling, while teaching you to enjoy the ride throughout your career. My mindset coach shows that he truly cares about me, and wants to see me exceed in all things in life on the mat and off the mat.

Richie Grungo2023 NJ State Champion
Lehigh Wrestler

Wrestling Mindset helped me increase my confidence, stay calm under pressure, grow more mentally tough, and learn how to deal with nerves. I’d recommend Wrestling Mindset training because I believe it can help your confidence and is overall good for you.

Cael Nasdeo2023 PA AAA State Champion

“Slater’s mental readiness has transformed him into a world team member! Slater gives a lot of credit to Wrestling Mindset and preparing him for this great honor to represent his country!”

Slater Hicks – 2023 15U Tulsa Nationals Champion ; U15 World Team MemberRett Hicks, Slater's Dad