Master your Mindset with Wrestling Mindset – As the Official Mental Training Partners of USA Wrestling and champions like Vito Arujau and Yianni Diakomihalis, Wrestling Mindset stands as the nation’s leading authority on mental performance and mindset training. Founded by All-Ivy League wrestlers Gene and Jeff Zannetti, our globally recognized program dives deep into mindset mastery for wrestling and life success.


Wrestling is 90% mental, yet the path to mastering the mind is not widely known. With Wrestling Mindset, you gain access to the secrets of mindset mastery, transforming not just your performance on the mat, but your entire approach to competition and life. From elite athletes looking to sharpen their mental edge, to individuals struggling mentally and seeking growth in all life’s arenas, our proven track record speaks volumes.


We’ve helped thousands, including Team USA, state and national champions, UFC fighters, and young wrestlers, to overcome self-doubt, build character, resilience and unstoppable confidence. Wrestling Mindset is your blueprint to success in wrestling, school, and life.



Co-founder Gene Zannetti graduated with a Psychology degree from the University of Pennsylvania. He has two masters degrees; one in Sport Psychology and the other in Clinical Psychology. Gene is a certified School Psychologist, Personal Trainer and Nutritionist. His masters degree thesis (Perfectionism & Anxiety) has been published in the International Journal of Wrestling Sciences. Gene was a nationally ranked All-Ivy League wrestler at UPenn.


Co-founder Jeff Zannetti graduated with an Economics degree from the University of Pennsylvania and studied business at the Wharton School of Business. His articles have been published by WIN Magazine, Trackwrestling, Wrestling USA, and for Team USA educational resources. Jeff was a nationally ranked All-Ivy League wrestlers at UPenn.


Gene and Jeff have studied the best wrestlers, coaches & experts in the world to learn the secrets of performance success. This led to the development of a one of a kind, trademarked Wrestling Mindset program. Since 2008, Wrestling Mindset coaches have worked with thousands of wrestlers, teams, coaches & clubs. The Wrestling Mindset program has been used by the Men’s & Women’s USA National Team, top college and high school teams & wrestlers, as well as youth and rec programs throughout the country.


Wrestling Specific Training
Made by wrestlers for wrestlers to develop a winning mindset in wrestling, school, & life.

SYSTEMATIC Programming
Strength training for the Mind with hands on exercises & challenges. NOT therapy, lecturing, or counseling.

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Our Mindset Coaches are all former wrestlers who have succeeded both on and the mat. Each coach has been certified in our one of a kind trademarked Wrestling Mindset program. Our coaches include National Champions, All Americans, World Team Members, All Ivy League wrestlers and other former successful student athletes.

75+ certified mindset coaches across the country! All coaches are experienced former athletes.

After you complete the parent questionnaire, we will match your athlete with a mindset coach that best suites his/her individual needs.

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