Wrestling Mindset

Created by wrestlers for wrestlers
Developed by nationally ranked All-Ivy League wrestlers, Wrestling Mindset is #1 worldwide in mindset training and wrestling’s leading authority on mental performance. Wrestling Mindset 1-1 and team training have been used by thousands of wrestlers and teams of all levels including Team USA, NCAA Champions, UFC fighters, state champions and youth wrestlers.

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1-1 Mindset Coaching

Develop unstoppable confidence, mental toughness and the ability to relax under pressure and enjoy competition. Compete freely, without the fear of losing, to maximize performance and win more.

Work with a Mindset Coach over the phone to develop the mental skills needed to perform at your best when it means the most.

Mindset Red Flags

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    Doesn’t Pull the Trigger / No Killer Instinct
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    Gives Good Opponents Too Much Respect
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    Wrestlers Too Cautious & Hesitant
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    Afraid to Lose or Make Mistakes
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    Practice Room Wrestler
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    Chokes in Big Matches

Three Typical Customers


Battling the red flags or struggling getting over the hump?

Elite Athlete

Not struggling or exhibiting any of the red flags but want to Jump Levels and get the mental edge over your competition.

Mentorship, Life lessons & Accountability

Want your son or daughter to gain valuable mental skills that will help them build character and virtue on and off the mat?

Teams We’ve Served

Team Mindset Training

Team struggling to meet their potential?
Looking for the edge to take your program to the next level?
Need another voice to reiterate your messages?

Wrestling Mindset will help the team:
Build confidence in high pressure matches
Build a culture of excellence
Improve match preparation and performance

Blog & Podcast Featured Articles

We have one of the biggest weekly podcast’s in wrestling called Mindset Monday. Follow on YouTube: Wrestling Mindset owners Gene and Jeff Zannetti talk about 7 Ways Wrestlers Kill Postseason Performance. Learn how to peak mentally in the post-season and perform your best! Timestamps 1:36 – Becoming too much of a fan 5:44 Focusing too…

The best wrestlers know how to use their prematch nerves to help them compete at their best. They are able to stay poised, compete fearlessly, aggressively and with great confidence. The problem is that many wrestlers get too nervous.   Before they compete, they look like a deer in the headlights, become lethargic and fail…

1. Recharge your battery in between rounds. Detach yourself emotionally and mentally from other matches during the day. Don’t watch too much wrestling. Get out of the tournament area when there is some time to do so. Leave the building and get some fresh air if you can. 2. Do not make the tournament into an…