The Super 32 tournament is the ultimate preseason battleground for wrestlers, attracting some of the best competitors from across the nation. While many great wrestlers compete, not everyone comes home with a belt or a medal. So what do you do when things don’t go as planned?


1. Shift focus from Outcome to Growth:

It’s essential to shift your mindset from fixating on the outcome of the Super 32 tournament to emphasizing development (mental and technical) and learning opportunities. Whether you went 0-2, placed, or even won the tournament, focus on what you can learn from each match. Make a list of three things you did well and three areas where you want to improve. This shift helps you extract valuable lessons from both victories and defeats.


2. Identify Areas for Improvement:

After the tournament, identify specific areas of your wrestling technique, mindset, and physical conditioning that need improvement. Reflect on the matches that didn’t go your way and pinpoint the technical, mental, and physical aspects that let you down. Develop a targeted plan to work on these areas consistently, dedicating focused practice time to refine your skills.


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3. Embrace Forgiveness and Growth:

It is crucial to forgive yourself for any mistakes made and embrace the opportunity for growth. Remember that the past does not dictate your future in wrestling. Whenever doubts arise, repeat the mantra “New Match!” and draw upon the time and effort you invested in improving those areas. By embracing forgiveness and growth, you build mental resilience and set yourself up for future success.


4. Visualize Redemption:

Harness the power of visualization to rebuild your confidence and envision success. Spend time visualizing yourself back in similar situations where you fell short at the Super 32 tournament. See yourself executing techniques flawlessly and overcoming the challenges that previously held you back. By vividly picturing your redemption, you reinforce your belief in yourself and your ability to perform at the highest level.


5. Maintain Unwavering Confidence:

Whether you placed or not, maintaining unwavering confidence is paramount. Understand that a loss at the Super 32 tournament does not equate to a loss in confidence unless you allow it. Recognize that confidence is a crucial ingredient for future success. Focus on the three things you did well, even if the outcome wasn’t what you desired. Proceed with unyielding confidence, knowing that you’ve grown and learned valuable lessons along the way. Use this tournament to increase motivation, confidence and catapult your success this upcoming season.


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