How much weight should I cut?

Depends on Age, Body Fat, and what your ultimate goal is.

The general rule not that much weight. Rec or youth wrestlers should not cut any weight. Let them grow!


The 5% Rule

5% rule never be cutting more that 5% of your walking around weight.  Studies show anything more than that affects physically and mentally. It affects your mood, training, performance, and can led to injury. 7-9% Body Fat men has greatest effect on metabolism and performance and Women it is 12-15%. That is a study ideal Body Fat with optimal wrestling performance. 6.5% bare minimum. Do not be a body builder, wrestlers need carbs! Don’t take it from me though take a look at the Wrestling Studies on Average Body Fat of Elite Wrestlers! You can not be cutting carbs if you are a serious athletes. Too many wrestlers glorify how low their percentage of body fat is during wrestling season. There is always an optimal point. Everyone may be a little different but less isn’t always more in this case.



Mental Dangers of Cutting weight.

Injuries and less recovery are huge but on the mental side Dizzyness, irritability, poor concentration, impatience, bad mood, lack of motivation. Weight cutting can cause a loss of love of wrestling and will make it less enjoyable. Many wrestlers quit because of cutting weight. A great question to ask a wrestler: Do you hate the sport or do you hate the weight cut?


Cutting weight does not make you a better wrestler.

If you focus on cutting weight all season instead of getting better there is a good chance you are actually moving further away from your goal. I understand that cutting some weight may make you or your team more competitive but if that becomes the focus you are NOT going to get much better during the season. And you likely can’t afford that either.


Practice is for getting better at wrestling.

Cutting weight comes after practice. We all know you are not performing your best wearing sweats and bundled up during practice. Save that for after practice. Use practice time to get better at wrestling.


Research/Studies Weight Loss- 3 Mindset Rules of Weight Cutting-


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Blog by: Ray Jaz (Wrestling Mindset Coach)