Are you all in? Are you committed?

Its a simple question. If you have to think about it the answer is likely no.

I have been asked, what does being all in mean? How do I know if I am REALLY committed?

My definition of Commitment/All In: Pursuing your goal fiercely regardless of circumstances. 

Whether things are going well, average, or poorly a true commitment entails constant pursuit of your goal despite internal or external factors.


1. Your goal is to be state champion. Whether you won a state title or were 0-33 last year you remain determined in pursuing your goal. You continue to find ways to improve and get closer to your goal each day- physically, technically, mentally, nutritionally, spiritually, emotionally, etc.

2. You commit to a challenging school/university. Whether school is a breeze or you are struggling to pass classes you refuse to give up or even slow down. You find a way to pass each class, even if you have to attend study hall, office hours, and spend countless hours learning new material.

3. Marriage. Maybe the perfect example. If you get married in the Church you exchange vows which symbolize commitment and being all in perfectly: In good times and bad, in sickness and health, till death do us part. Full commitment demands finding ways to improve and grow in challenging times.

It takes courage to go all in. It takes love and passion to go all in. And of course it takes hard work and extreme focus to go all in. But when all is said and done, the payoff for those willing to commit and go all in for a good cause or goal is tremendous. You have given yourself the best chance possible to succeed and have lived a goal/value centered life. Your goals or values will have dictated your behavior. This way whether you win, lose, or draw you have become the person you set out to be.

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