As we move into the postseason wrestling becomes more and more mental. Two of the most common mindset issues are beginning to surface to more and more. They were likely there all along but many people did/do nothing about it.

(1) Wrestlers not REALLY believing they will accomplish their goals.
Its easy to tell someone in April that they are going to win the state or national tournament next year. But as we approach March it is clear that many wrestlers never deep down believed that they would. Confidence is no quick fix. If you don’t work on building confidence you will not build the confidence you need for March. Hard work isn’t going to cut it. Everyone works hard at a certain level. There has to be other solutions. Do the mindset exercises and internalize that not only are you capable of winning but you will Win.

(2) Wrestlers NOT dealing well with Pressure. Again in April its easy to say that you are going to work so hard that it won’t matter next year. As we approach March wrestlers are starting to realize that is does matter. Wrestlers are letting the pressure drain their emotional battery. They aren’t even stepping on the mat near 100%. Its sad to see. Many wrestlers do NOT have the right perspective going into the postseason. Put the pressure on your opponents not on yourself!

I said it before. The best time to start mindset training was a year ago. The next best time is now.

Mindset Tip- Write down a list of your best matches and practices. Every day make a list of the things you did well. Confidence is all about what we focus on.