Newly crowned World Champion Vito Arujau joins the podcast two days after winning his first senior world championship. Wrestling Mindset co-founder Gene Zannetti talks with Vito about our partnership and his mindset before and during the World Championships in Belgrade, Serbia.



Time Stamps:


0:17– Sport psychology interviews and visualization before Worlds

1:45– Vito began Sport Psych a year and a half ago

3:20– Inconsistency before mental training

5:15– What works best for Vito before and during a match

9:46– Vito reaction to trailing 7-7 late in his finals match

11:50– Vito match strategy

15:11– Advantages and Pressure of having a dad who is a 2x world champion

19:54– How Vito’s dad helped him mentally

22:55– Weight plan for college season and Olympic Trials

23:44– Toughest part of winning a world title

26:00– How to approach a “big” tournament

28:45– Peaking for the championship match of a tournament