I’ve heard it before “My kid is doing well, he doesn’t really need mindset training at the moment”.




In fact, this may be precisely the time he or she needs it the most. Here is why:


(1) Consider the strength training analogy. If your athlete was strong, would you decide to cease strength training? What about technique? Would you cancel their club membership and stop learning technique because things are going well technically? Never! Mindset training follows the same principle. If you are doing well in a certain area, you continue to develop that strength and make it into an even greater weapon, whether mentally or physically.


(2) The landscape of competition is ever-changing. Perhaps last year, your athlete was the underdog, and this year, he or she is the favorite. This shift brings a new set of expectations and pressures. Adapting to these changes mentally is just as important as adapting physically, underscoring the importance of mindset training to navigate these new waters confidently.


(3) Take a look at the most elite wrestlers. You may know of our partnership with World Silver Medalist Yianni Diakomihalis and World Champ Vito Arujau. When things are going well for them they continue to pour time and resources into developing their mindset. Penn State, the perennial Division I powerhouse, has their “mindset coach” on the sideline of every match, and their wrestlers required to meet with her consistently. At the Olympic Training Center, athletes meet consistently with sport psychologists and performance coaches to hone their mental game and prepare for “‘big” matches. Simply put, the best wrestlers are training their minds in good times and bad to get the mental edge.


(4) Life outside the mat doesn’t pause. Whether it’s academic challenges, personal relationships, lifestyle challenges or dealing with injuries, these factors can heavily influence your mental state and, consequently, your performance. Mindset training helps you manage these off-mat struggles, ensuring they don’t undermine your hard-earned success. Wrestlers benefit from a mindset coach who can hold them accountable all throughout the year and keep them on track socially, emotionally, academically, etc.


Get the Mental Edge with Wrestling Mindset 


(5) What is the biggest room in the world…the room for improvement! The quest for improvement is endless. Even amidst great success, there’s always room to grow – to become stronger, faster, more technical, and mentally tougher. If you are good at something (technique, mindset, conditioning, speed, etc.) make it a superpower! The best wrestlers have some kind of “superpower” that separates them from the pack. If your wrestler is strong mentally, mindset training can help this become his or her superpower which can give them the edge on and off the mat.


(6) It is crucial to prepare for future challenges and adversity. Life and sport are unpredictable; challenges and setbacks are inevitable. Injuries can happen at any time, devastating losses or setbacks, personal challenges, academic challenges, mental health struggles, death or illness, etc. Building mental resilience through mindset training prepares you for these unforeseen hurdles, ensuring you can tackle them head-on when they arise.


Mindset training is not just for those who are struggling mentally or looking to overcome obstacles; it’s a vital component of sustaining and building upon success. It is imperative that you do not make the mistake of neglecting mental training during the good times in your wrestler’s athletic career. Like strength training, there is never a time that mental preparation should cease or even slow down. As a parent or coach, make sure that your wrestlers are taking their mental training seriously all year regardless of current success or results.


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