1. Getting involved in the “fan mentality”. Rankings, predictions, records, and seedings are great hype for wrestling media (Flowrestling, Trackwrestling, etc.) but can be a great distraction for wrestlers. If it isn’t helping you score points then it is probably a distraction. Leave the media to fans and spectators.
  2. Associating with negative people and small-time thinkers. These people will only slow you down. Keep your distance from them, especially during the season. Avoid people who are always complaining, negative or adding pressure.
  3. Wasting time on social media. There are few worse distractions than social media. Stop comparing yourself to other people and following your opponents. Focus on what you need to do to improve.
  4. Making any particular match or tournament “special.” Every match is important, but none are special. Special adds pressure. Treat everything the same. Develop a routine to make matches more like practice and practice more like matches. Consistency is key!
  5. Giving any opponent too much respect. No opponent is unbeatable. Often times, wrestlers put their opponent on a pedestal and this causes them to wrestle too passively and hesitantly. Every opponent breathes the same air and has their own personal struggles. Treat every opponent the same.
  6. Not controlling the “little” things that win “big” matches. Your nutrition, sleep habits and daily routine are almost completely within your control. Mentally strong and disciplined wrestlers live a consistent lifestyle off the mat. Remember, the two hours of practice is just part of your daily training.
  7. Focusing on your record. Records can be deceiving. It is more productive to focus on improving as quickly as you can. Each match your record is 0-0. You start each match with a blank slate.
  8. Not believing in your ability to become a great wrestler. Becoming a great wrestler is difficult but isn’t impossible. Remember, difficult isn’t the same as impossible. You CAN do difficult things.
  9. Dwelling on a setback or loss. Learn the lessons, implement them into your training plan, then move on. Let it go and move forward with confidence.
  10. Leaving your mindset to chance. Wrestling is 90% mental. Don’t go a full career without tapping into your true potential with a mindset coach. Sign up for a free trial session NOW!