We all know the magic word is please. But how many of us know the magic number? The magic number is the amount of times you must do something to become a world class expert at it. So if you wanted to have a world class ankle pick, how many times would you have to cleanly drill the move?

The magic number is 10,000! So if you want to be a world class at a few moves, you better get to work because this will take a lot of time. A big part of Wrestling is being organized. Begin writing down when, where, you will practice your moves, and how many times. Most people will not attempt the 10,000. That is a very big number. It requires internal motivation.

No one can make you do something 10,000 times. The great thing about a very high number is that it weeds out the people who don’t want it bad enough. It neutralizes talent, and comes down to work ethic. Highly motivated people will do it. And for you Fanatics who want to get it done in 1 year- that’s 28 times a day for 365 days.

Now get to work- GET FANATICAL!