Every time you step on the wrestling mat you should state out loud the following Mindset Principles. Beat these principles into your head. You will be better, tougher and happier because of it.

Words to live by, train by, and compete by.

1. I am thankful for the opportunity to wrestle. 

(Never take for granted your healthy mind and body, many people don’t have this. Visit any hospital and start being thankful)

2. I am aggressive and relentless.

(The best wrestlers take the most chances and keep going and going. For evidence watch Logan Stieber run a bar or Nashon Garrett attack a cross wrist tilt)

3. I have NO fear of losing or making mistakes. 

(Samurai, Spartans & Aztecs, some of the great all time warriors were not afraid to die. If they could get past the fear of dying a potentially painful death you can get over the fear of losing)

4. I never ever give up.

(The only failure is giving up. It is difficult to beat a guy who never quits. Winning or Losing always fight till the final whistle. Redefine success as never ever giving up.)


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