It is important to learn how to LET your body relax in stressful situations, matches, etc. Remember, you cannot try to relax you have to allow yourself to relax.

Think about a time you couldn’t sleep. What happened when you “tried” to relax? Let me guess. It didn’t help you fall asleep. In fact, it made it more difficult to sleep.

How about when someone tells you not to think about the word Banana? Let me guess. You can’t help but to think about a Banana.

You cannot relax by “trying” to relax. You have to let yourself relax.

Luckily, relaxation is your body’s natural state. Sometimes less is more. This is one of those times. Focus on your breathing and allow yourself to relax.

If you need help doing this you should work with an expert. It will help in wrestling and it will help in life. Email us at [email protected]


Learn to Relax under Pressure with Wrestling Mindset