1. All the programs in the Top 5 (Penn State, Ohio State, Iowa, NC State & Michigan) clearly emphasize consistent values and principles. They are prioritized over results. And clearly the results take care of themselves.

2. The best wrestlers (win and lose) are grateful for the opportunity to wrestle. Zain preaches this in each interview as does Kyle Snyder. Nick Suriano (even after losing) talked about being grateful for the opportunity.

There is a reason Wrestling Mindset Principle #1 is: I am thankful for the opportunity to wrestle. 

3. The worst mental mistake you can make is being afraid to lose. It cripples many great wrestlers each year at this tournament. Working hard doesn’t solve this problem (sometimes it even makes it worse), you need to approach it right mentally.

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4. Get better or get beat! Last year doesn’t mean anything. Each year brings new physical, technical and mental struggles. You need to work constantly on all 3 to give yourself the best change to succeed.

5. Wrestling is the greatest sport in the world to build complete human beings and life champions. It is humbling, it is exhilarating, it is fun, it is heartbreaking. It it tough to watch the NCAA tournament without feeling all of those emotions. At the end of the day it makes you physically and mentally stronger.

Wrestling Mindset is designed to build life champions. On the mat, in the classroom and in life. It is the number 1 program in the world for wrestlers, systematically designed to improve performance, confidence and mental toughness on and off the mat.

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