Mental Toughness is plain and simple- never giving up no matter what.

In my Personality Psychology class, we learned that Character is revealed during difficult times, not easy times. This may make intuitive sense to many people, but there is also a good amount of scientific research to support this idea.
You just can’t ever give up on yourself. The world will provide plenty of surprises, adversity, and difficult circumstances.

Life may knock you around, but no one can make you quit. Quitting is an intimate personal decision. Many people blame quitting on circumstances, but when it comes right down to it, it is a choice, and it is your choice.

I have a survival in the wilderness book that gives great useful information on what to do in the event of being stranded on an island, at sea, in a cave, etc. etc. They have a “Pyramid of Success in Survival” and as you would imagine, the foundation of the pyramid is the “Will to Live.”

I like to start Mental Mastery with the topic of Rationality and Unconditionally accepting yourself. Many people wonder why I do not start with Confidence or Goal Setting. It is because one day you will lose, adversity will strike, circumstances will get worse, and you will need the skills to persevere. All the Mental Skills and Physical skills are meaningless if you do not have a strong will to persist no matter what.

This probably sounds like my most preachy post. It may sound like something from a motivational speech, but this lesson is well worth revisiting.

*Read biographies of successful people. They didn’t have it easy all the time.

*Have a reason to succeed which is larger than life. Make your mission spiritual, however you may personally define spiritual.

*Write your reasons to succeed down. Read them daily.

*And finally, take some time to watch Ants. Put your foot down in their path. Watch them. They will go around it, under it, over it; they may even try to go through it. The bottom line is that nothing derails them. Have you ever seen a bug in a pool as it struggles for survival. It never lays there and gives up. There is no quit in an Ant and if you want to be successful, there can be no quit in YOU either!

Everyone gets knocked down, common people stay down, great people get up.

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