Key Takeaways from Olympian Ken Chertow:

1. You need to be the Total Package to be the best. Ken takes a very holistic approach to wrestling- Technique, Nutrition, Strength & Conditioning, & Mindset.

Technique- Since I was a kid Chertow Camps have been known for their World Class clinicians. Ken Chertow himself is an Olympian, 2x NCAA Champs Matt Valenti and Quentin Wright to name a few have brought their high level technique to campers.

Nutrition- Ken stresses the importance of eating and drinking clean, as well as proper supplementation to maximize the benefits of training. Ken and I are both Advocare distributors, because we believe that their products will benefit both wrestlers and those looking to live a healthy lifestyle.

Most Advocare products fit perfectly with Z-Fanatical’s core Nutrition guidelines- No Processed Sugar & no White Carbs. For our full Nutrition Plan-

Strength & Conditioning- Ken brought in Z-Fanatical Fitness to take campers through our high intensity Strength & Conditioning workouts. Each workout is 10 minutes or less, uses no equipment, and isolates a muscle group using circuit training.

Mindset- Ken brought in Wrestling Mindset to speak to campers last night about the importance of Mental Training for wrestlers. We discussed building Mental Toughness, Relaxing Under Pressure, Improving Confidence, and Understanding what Motivates you and helps you compete at your potential.

2. INTENSITY- Ken leads by example, his credentials speak for themselves, however he was in the trenches with his campers last night doing the Z-Fanatical workouts alongside them. His book Commitment to Excellence (the first full book I read) preached Intensity in all areas of your life. His shirts read “Hard Work Makes Dreams Come True.”