The off-season is not just a time to rest; it’s an opportunity to gain a mental edge. Wrestling Mindset, the Official Mental Training Partner of USA Wrestling, has been pivotal in the development of elite wrestlers like Yianni Diakomihalis (4x NCAA Champ), Vito Arujau (World Champ), and John Poznanski (NCAA All-American). These athletes exemplify how a focused mindset can elevate performance. Here’s how you can adopt their approach to improve consistency and peak performance.



1. Goal Setting: Start with clear objectives for both the off-season and the upcoming season. Writing down your goals and establishing a daily and weekly action plan is crucial. Your plan should encompass all aspects of development, including strength training, technique refinement, mental preparation, nutrition, and enhancing speed and explosive power.

2. Evaluate This Season: Reflect on the past season by assessing what was within your control – effort, attitude, aggressiveness, and preparation. Understanding these elements can help you pinpoint areas for improvement.

3. Develop New Skills and Strengths: Confidence comes from mastery. This off-season, focus on acquiring new skills, especially in Freestyle and Greco-Roman wrestling, and transforming these skills into strengths. Training with different partners can also provide fresh perspectives and challenges.

4. Recover Your Body: Allow time for injury recovery and mental rejuvenation. A slower, more analytical approach during this period can lead to significant improvements in technique and strategy.

5. Seek Feedback: Constructive feedback from coaches and trusted peers is invaluable. It provides insights into your wrestling that you might not see yourself.

6. Visualization: Daily visualization exercises can significantly impact your performance. Envision executing flawless technique, overcoming obstacles, and preparing in the championship arena. This mental rehearsal builds confidence and readiness.

7. Work with a Mindset Coach: Partnering with a mindset coach who has achieved high-level success in wrestling can be transformative. They can guide you in applying the mindset principles essential for reaching your goals. Get started with a Wrestling Mindset Coach Today


MF 61kg Vitali Arujau (United States), Yianni Diakomihalis

Embracing these steps during the off-season can set the foundation for a successful return to competition. Remember, the best wrestlers train not just their bodies but their minds. With Wrestling Mindset by your side, this off-season could be the turning point in your wrestling career.


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