How to Help Your Athletes Improve During the Uncertain 2020-21 Athletic Seasons


This upcoming school year is certainly going to be very different than any other year we have experienced as athletes ourselves or coaches. Coaches are going to be faced with many challenges along the way that they cannot predict with a clear vision at this point.


However, what we do know as coaches is we must understand and take full responsibility for our role in preparing our student athletes to be successful in whichever path they choose to embark upon after they leave our programs. 


How can coaches continue to provide a positive learning experience to student athletes with a limited season or no season at all?


Coaches, athletes and parents all agree that sports are at least 80% mental but very rarely ever implement mental training into their practice planning.  Now is the time to become more creative and understanding than ever as coaches to provide the skills and knowledge to our student athletes that will build a solid foundational winning mindset to prepare athletes for success in their future endeavors.


We want to continue to be a resource to you and your team during these challenging times, which is why we have put together a Do It Yourself Team Program for coaches to implement within their teams.


The DIY TEAM Program includes videos combined with worksheets and exercises that coaches can facilitate (Virtually or in person) from the following topics:

Confidence, Mental Toughness, Aggressiveness, Self Knowledge, Motivation, Relaxing under Pressure, Goal Setting and Present Moment.


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“The single most impactful gift a coach can give to an athlete is the gift of belief.”


  • Tom Ryan – Ohio State Head Wrestling Coach