Today we attended Bison Wrestling Club at Bucknell University and had the opportunity to speak to a group of very serious wrestlers and their parents. Most of these wrestlers are training year round, they frequent wrestling clubs/camps, wrestle at tournaments, and do some sort of strength and conditioning training.

The club members recently started receiving our newsletter (you can sign up on the bottom of our website We asked how many people wrestle year round- almost all hands up, how many people strength train- almost all hands still up. Then we asked how many people opened the Mindset Newsletter this week- most hands dropped. Lastly, we asked how many people PRACTICED the Mindset Exercises- out of about 70 only two or three hands remained in the air.

Almost all wrestlers know their is a positive correlation between how confident you are before a match and how well you compete. They know that more Mental Toughness is better than less Mental Toughness. They know that it is better to be relaxed then to be overly nervous. Almost every wrestler knows that a Positive Thought is more beneficial than a negative thought.

The problem is that WAY TOO FEW wrestlers are spending any time or enough time PRACTICING their Mental Game and Improving their Mindset.

When I was in HS and College if I saw ONLY 3 hands go up out of 70, I would have seen this as a HUGE opportunity to do something my opponents were not doing. If you spend a few minutes each week actively working your Mindset, you will not only allow yourself to Jump Levels in your wrestling career but you will get an advantage on nearly every opponent you face.

Its time to DO something that other wrestlers are NOT doing. Start 1-1 Mindset Coaching Now!