We’re about at that point half way through the season where things become very routine, boring, monotonous. We approach wrestling as another day in the office. We get down about having to cut weight sometimes multiple times a week. How do we rise up and overcome?

Anyone who has follow Wrestling Mindset for any amount of time knows that we don’t focus on outcomes, but instead the process. Like any good rule though, there are always some exceptions- this being one of them. There are two times we shift our focus from process to outcome- when we are feeling lazy and when we feel like giving up. Mid-Season funk/blues is likely a mild symptom of this extreme attitude.

To overcome you need to revisit your 5 Goal Setting Worksheets you filled out. Remind yourself of the short term and long term goals you have for yourself. Also remind yourself that sometimes it is darkest before the dawn. The world is full of many, many “almost haves” who packed it in just before they accomplished something. I could not tell you their names because they quit on themselves. I can think of a few friends of mine, but those names wouldn’t mean anything to you. Do you know anyone in your life who was on the verge of achievement before they quit? Just some food for thought.

This is a also good time of the year to go back to your Enjoyment List. This is the comprehensive list you created with all the things you love/like about wrestling other than just winning. I know we all want to win and love to win, but there has to be more than just that. You can win at baseball, football, judo, and even checkers. What do you love about wrestling? The bigger the list the better and the less likely you are to feel these “mid season blues”.

Another cause of this feeling is a lack of proper mental focus. If you are so focused on winning and losing and rankings, losses and upsets can really derail your positive mindset. This would take too long to explain here. Your fastest route to change is our 1-1 Mindset Coaching.

Finally, remember that there is no such thing as mid-season blues. This is an entirely socially constructed concept. You can choose to break free at any point in time. Don’t let something that is not real hold YOU back!