Help! My kid needs mindset training but is resistant. 


Many parents have identified that the missing piece for their son or daughter is their mindset. They have the tools physically, they work hard but for some reason they are not performing up to their potential. Getting them to train their mind is pivotal because it makes the difference between getting them the help they need or not. And ultimately that will dictate their results and future.

Let me start by saying clearly; every single person needs and could benefit tremendously from mental training both on and off the mat. Our success if 90% mental so no matter how good or poor your mindset is, you can benefit immensely by training and developing it. There are so many aspects of your mentality- confidence, mental toughness, motivation, resilience, focusing, relaxing under pressure, etc. No one I’ve ever met checks off all the boxes all the time. Mental preparation needs to be a foundation for anyone’s training and developmental plan.

Getting that out of the way, what if your kid is resistant or refuses to give mental training a shot? Well, we deal with this a ton and have plenty of experience.

Here are 4 tips that will help:

  1. Sell your kid on one 20-minute trial session (over the phone) rather than a full program. It’s the start that stops most people especially when it comes to mental training. Many kids think it is going to be awkward because they haven’t done it before. Nearly everyone who does a quick 20-minute trial session feels much more comfortable after the short call and begin to see how it can benefit them.              Sign up Here for a Free 20-Minute Trial Phone Call
  2. Show your kid some of our testimonials. There is a good chance someone on their team or wrestling club has worked with Wrestling Mindset. And almost definitely someone they look up to has worked with us. This usually makes the training more “normal” or “cool” in their eyes. We have had teams and individuals of literally every level successfully utilize our mindset training- youth wrestling, high school, college, Olympians and UFC fighters. They need to understand that the “cool kids” or “toughest athletes” are training their mind too in order to improve. Strong people lift more often, mentally strong people train their mind more.
  3. Educate them on what a Wrestling Mindset coach is and is not. Our mindset coaches are former high-level wrestlers who were once very similar to them. They have won and lost on the mat. They’ve cut weight and dealt with the struggle and pressure of competing as a wrestler. They are not a doctor or therapist (those are important too!). They are a strength coach for your mind.
  4. Normalize mental training. To become a successful wrestler (or anything for that matter) you have many coaches that help you along the way- many technique coaches, strength coaches, nutritionists, etc. Why wouldn’t you take advantage of a mindset coach when the sport is so mental? Don’t make a big deal out of it, it’s just another important piece of the puzzle.


Try this and I’m sure your kid will be more open to 1-1 Mindset Training.


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