Answer yes to all these questions and you just may be on track. They are very simple questions, but as you know there is a big difference between simple and easy. Find out now if you have what it takes.

1. Do you REALLY believe that you will be a national champ?
As simple as this sounds, most people go wrong here. In most weight classes there are very few wrestlers who truly believe that they will walk out of the NCAA tournament with a bracket and gold medal. Genuinely believing in a high goal like this is difficult. But it is also very simple.
Tip: You need to train your mind to BELIEVE that you will be the one standing on top of the podium in March.

2. When talking about your goals, do you use the term National Champ rather than All American?
Let me preface this by saying that there is nothing wrong with being an All American. It is an unbelievably difficult and impressive feat in and of itself. BUT if you want to win a national title, the term All American should hardly be in your vocabulary. When I ask a lot of college wrestlers their goals they tell me “I want to be a National Champ and/or an All American.” What this tells me is essentially they are shooting for and would be happy being an All American. Again, nothing at all wrong with this UNLESS you genuinely want to be a national champion. National Champs don’t set goals to be All Americans.
Tip: Eliminate All American from your vocabulary/goal sheet.

3. Do you let your heart show in every workout?
Not every practice is going to be your best or even a “good” one. But National Champs do not go through the motions. One reason is that they expect each workout is going to help them win a National title. When you BELIEVE that you are going to be a National Champ, it is motivating to do the work necessary to get there. If your faith in achieving this goal is weak, its easier to take a play off or give less than your very best.
Quick question: If you KNEW 100% that you would win a National Title if you gave a 100% effort, had a great attitude and remained focused for each workout this week, would you do it??? Of course you would! Start believing that each workout WILL help you win a national title and you will pour your heart into each workout.
Tip: Train your Mind to believe that each workout will make the difference between winning and not winning a National title.

4. Do you have ONE quality/attribute that you believe is better than ANYONE in the country?
Almost all National Champions have something they believe they are the best at in the country/world. The great Ben Askren did a study of NCAA Champions and found this to be accurate. Maybe you are the strongest, maybe the fastest, maybe you have the best funk, you are most athletic, have the best single leg, meanest defense, toughest leg rider, etc. It doesn’t matter so much as to what attribute you possess or EVEN if it is true or not. The important thing is that YOU believe that it is true. This provides a ton of confidence and clarity.
Tip: Find and develop what you are best at. Make it freaky good!

5. Do you know WHY you want to be a National Champion? 
The stronger your WHY the better your chances of getting to the goal. Of course it would be nice to win a national title. But WHY? Do you want to leave a legacy? Do you want to attain personal excellence? Are you trying to honor or glorify God? Are you trying to maximize your potential? Use the gifts you’ve been given? A strong WHY helps you to dig deeper and push through difficult times.
Tip: Take time to discover WHY you want this?

6. Do you LOVE wrestling? 
It is rare to see a National champ that doesn’t love the sport. That’s because it is hard and there are so many sacrifices that need to be made. There is a lot of suffering that needs to go into it. There is heartache along the way. Obstacles and fear need to be overcome.”Love always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. Love never fails.” -1 Corinthians 13:7-8
Tip: Make sure you know what you love about the sport.

7. Do you stick around after practice? 
National Champions don’t dip out right after practice. They do extra work, ask questions, stretch, talk to others about mindset/perspective, work on the fine details, etc. Champions do more, plain and simple.
Tip: Stay after practice! Have a plan of what you can do to improve after workouts.

National Champs have strong minds and understand the power of the mind. They know how to wrestle their best when it means the most, PULL THE TRIGGER, wrestle aggressively, battle adversity, win close matches and control nerves.
Tip: Start Wrestling Mindset training today! Wrestlers and teams throughout the country have used Wrestling Mindset to jump levels and win more, including Team USA (Womens Team), Rutgers University, Bergen Catholic, University of Michigan, UPenn, St. Cloud State University (DII National Champions), Edinboro, and many more.