5. Reasons Wrestling is Beneficial
1. Wrestling is Human Nature
One of the oldest and toughest sports. Wrestling has been the truest competitions ever. It is you vs your opponent. Lifestyle for lifestyle.
2. Build and Improve Skills
By improving and learning technique with practice and even learning from losses is a great skill to have. Not only with wrestling but in life. The ability to learn and apply a new skill is very crucial and wresting is one of the best sports to develop that skill. Also being able to learn from your mistakes is a huge life skill to develop.
3. Wrestlers have the Best Mindset
Being able to compete and deal with all that goes into wrestling: The hard work, long practices, bus rides, cutting weight, nervous before matches, etc. It gives wrestlers the mental edge in life.
4. Wrestlers make the Best Employees
Many companies look and recruit former college wrestlers. Many top CEOS are former wrestlers. Joe Galli (CEO of Milwaukee Tools) was a former wrestler and also discusses how wrestling prepared him for everything he does in business. Look at our Interview with Joe Galli from our coaches clinic Here:

5. Building virtue and Mental Skills for Life
The Great Dan Gable said it best “Once you wrestled, everything else in life is easy”. The lessons you get from wrestling will make you a better person and will prepare you for challenges in the future. It is a sport like no other and that is why it is the best and toughest sport in the world. It is time to grow the sport of wrestling.