Chris Weidman (wrestler) took the Middleweight Championship of the world from Anderson Silva because Silva failed to keep his intensity level high. Will eventually beats skill (when skill begins to lack will).

Now you may know the contents of this Mindset Monday before you read further. But before you click off, ask yourself, “How well do I apply this lesson?” Do you approach every match the same way? Is your intensity level the same in the Saturday morning matches, off-season bouts, wrestle-offs, etc. as your intensity level if you were in the State or National finals? No? Why would your intensity level ever change?

Your effort, attitude, body language, positivity, calmness- No one watching you (not that we care what anyone else thinks) should ever be able to tell if you are wrestling someone “good” or “bad,” whether you are the favorite or underdog. Every time you wrestle is an opportunity to train a consistent mindset. The wrestler who fluctuates in mindset eventually gets knocked out, like Anderson Silva. On the flip side, if you control your mind, day in and day out, you have a chance to pull off one of the greatest upsets of all time!