When in doubt, err on the side of taking action.

Sometimes you are forced to make a difficult decision. You have information supporting you, “going for it.” And you have conflicting information supporting, “not doing anything.”

At this moment, 9 out of 10 times I would recommend going for it. You have a greater chance of success and you will feel more alive.

Lets say things go wrong and you pick the wrong decision. In 10 years from now, in which way would you prefer to be wrong, if you had to pick- (1) I shouldn’t have gone so hard or (2) I should have gone harder?

Most great competitors err on the side of gutsy. Take action. Action beats inaction.

We become tentative because we can easily recall past disappointments of ourselves and others due to carelessness. We got yelled at and reprimanded and maybe made fun of, which really hurt us. So we sometimes learn to play it safe. Stay comfortable. Don’t take chances.

We forget the times we failed because we did not go hard enough because it is easy to justify to ourselves, “well, I wasn’t really trying so it’s ok I failed.”

This is a major error in our thinking. Be smart. Be INTELLIGENTLY AGGRESSIVE. But for heavens sake, BE AGGRESSIVE. Get in there. GO after it.

It is better the other person beats you or rejects you than you beat or reject yourself. Don’t hold back because you have a convenient excuse to fail- your lack of effort. Reverse this thinking. Be proud of the times you put it on the line. Even if you failed. More often than not, action beats inaction. Get down on yourself when you hold back when you could’ve taken action. Even if you succeed. Show your guts and put it on the line.


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