1- Wakes up early. Mentally tough athletes fight the urge to hit the snooze button. They win the first battle which they know starts the night before.

2- Always on time. They get to class, practice and other obligations on time because its important and because its the right thing to do.

3- Open to feedback and criticism. They welcome feedback because they know they need it and that it will only make them stronger.

4- Stubbornly positive. Its hard to be positive throughout a long season. The ups, downs, wins, losses, bumps and bruises. A mentally tough athlete can remain upbeat and positive even during those tough times.

5- Understands values and purpose. They know their priorities and their actions reflect it. They lead a purpose driven life not a haphazard one.

6- Stands up for and helps others. Tough athletes are able to push not only themselves but others around them. They know what is right and encourage others to it.

7- Fights through fatigue. Mentally tough athletes can push through tough workouts and tough times. They know that the mind tires before the body and push themselves further and further. They get more out of workouts than most people.

8- Reads and Constantly learns. They maintain a “White Belt Mentality” and understand that they can learn something from anyone. They don’t pretend to know it all.

9- Bounces back. It is hard to beat a mentally tough athlete because they refuse to give up. A loss is just a lesson and propels them forward instead of keeping them down.

***BONUS Number 10- They know that their MIND is their greatest weapon and do not let a day go by without developing it! The strongest people have great strength coaches and the mentally toughest people have great MINDSET coaches. Learn what Wrestling Mindset is all about Here!