Vito Arujau recently achieved the pinnacle of success by winning his first World Championship. His remarkable journey to the top offers valuable lessons in the power of mental training, visualization, self-belief, focus, and finding the balance between calmness and sharpness.


  1. Mental Training Leads to Consistency:

Vito began his mental training journey a year and a half ago. He was very successful before but this without a doubt kicked his wrestling into a higher gear.  After his mental training journey began Vito has won an NCAA championship, was named Most Outstanding Wrestler, won the US Open and Final X and won his first World Championship.  By focusing on developing a strong mindset, he was able to enhance his consistency and excel at the highest level. This highlights the importance of mental preparation alongside physical training to achieve optimal performance.

  1. The Power of Visualization:

Visualization played a crucial role in Arujau’s journey to becoming a world champion. For an entire year leading up to the competition, he engaged in visualizing his success, seeing himself triumph on the mat. Additionally, he visited the tournament arena the day before to familiarize himself with the environment and visualize his performance. This practice allowed him to mentally prepare and build confidence, reinforcing the notion that seeing success in one’s mind can greatly impact its manifestation in reality.


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  1. Believe in Your Ability to Achieve Greatness:

Vito Arujau’s father (a 2x world champion) instilled in him an unrealistic standard, constantly reminding him that he was capable of executing flawless technique and achieving great things. This unwavering belief in his own abilities propelled Arujau to push beyond his limits and strive for mastery. It serves as a powerful reminder that self-belief and a high standard are essential ingredients for success in any endeavor.


  1. Focus on Scoring Points, Not the Scoreboard:

During the World Championship finals, Arujau found himself losing by score of 7-7 on criteria. Instead of fixating on the score, he maintained his composure and focused on scoring more points. At Wrestling Mindset, we use the phrase “Be aware of the score but don’t dwell on it.” This lesson emphasizes the importance of staying in the present moment and concentrating on executing the necessary actions, rather than getting caught up in external factors.


  1. Flow State: Thinking Less, Performing Better:

Arujau discovered that he wrestled his best when he entered a state of flow, where he relied more on instinct and intuition rather than overthinking. By allowing himself to let go and trust his training, he was able to perform with fluidity and precision. This lesson teaches us that often, the best results come when we quiet the mind and let it fly.


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  1. The Power of Calmness and Sharpness:

Drawing inspiration from Western movie gunslingers and samurais, Arujau found that his optimal performance state was achieved when he balanced calmness with sharpness. Like a swordsman who cannot afford to be overly tense or overly relaxed, Vito realized that he needed to be calm yet sharp on the mat. This delicate equilibrium allowed him to harness his power and strength without wasting unnecessary energy. It serves as a reminder that finding the right balance between composure and intensity can enhance performance and efficiency.


  1. Don’t Overthink the Tournament:

Vito understood the importance of conserving mental energy and not getting overly consumed by the tournament. Instead of constantly dwelling on the competition, he recognized the need to take mental breaks and recharge. By not dwelling on the tournament, Arujau ensured that he remained mentally fresh and prepared. This mindset lesson emphasizes the significance of managing mental resources effectively to maintain peak performance throughout the entire journey.


Vito Arujau’s remarkable achievement in winning the World Championship offers valuable mindset lessons that extend beyond the wrestling mat. His success is a testament to the power of mental training, visualization, self-belief, and staying focused on the present moment. Arujau’s ability to balance calmness with sharpness, while conserving mental energy, highlights the importance of finding a mindset that allows for optimal performance. By integrating these lessons into our own lives, we can strive for greatness in any discipline, whether it be sports, academics, or personal endeavors. Ultimately, Arujau’s journey serves as a reminder that developing a strong and resilient mindset is the key to unlocking our full potential.


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