1. Wrestle because YOU want to. Your happiness and well being trumps success. If wrestling is not in your heart than do something else. Don’t do it for other people.

2. Focus on the process not the outcome. If you keep improving each day, wins and titles will take care of themselves. If you focus only on winning matches, you will likely wrestle more cautiously and conservative. Focus on the process of winning.

3. Don’t worry about what other people think. Focus on yourself and the lifestyle you want to lead to be a champion. Many people get caught up in “people pleasing” and trying to impress family, freinds, coaches and teammates. Focusing on others adds pressure and is a distraction.

4. Treat all competitions the same. Don’t make any match special. Live wrestling is live wrestling. Stay out of the “fan mentality” and the “hype”- rankings, predictions, forums, track wrestling, social media, etc. They have nothing to do with competing and they add pressure and don’t help you win matches.

5. Control the things you can control, forget about the things you cannot control. Things you can control:

EFFORT- 100% all the time winning or losing.
ATTITUDE- positive and composed regardless of circumstances.
EXECUTION- Be aggressive. Err on the side of being gutsy!

6. Forgive yourself quickly. Learn the lesson and move forward. Mistakes are a big part of improving so accept them and even embrace them. The most successful people have failed a lot. Spend at least 90% of your time on the solution (how to improve) and no more than 10% on the problem (why?).