1.) Make A Goal That Scares You. 
Making a goal that is too small or “reasonable” is just another way of settling. Do not settle! Whatever your goal is, whether it is winning a state title, a national title, or even breaking into the starting lineup, your goal should scare you. If it doesn’t scare you then it is too small.

2.) Create A Goal That Is Meaningful To You.
Do not set a goal for yourself that you are not passionate about. You are just setting yourself up to fail. If you are going to accomplish a worthwhile goal, then it has to be something that you are motivated to do. Without that motivation and passion you are not going to be able to put in the work that needs to be done, and you will be miserable. Make sure that your goals are meaningful to you!

3.) Write Your Goal Down.
If your goal is nothing more than a mental agreement that you make with yourself, then it is too easy to make adjustments to that goal or eliminate the goal altogether.
For example, if your goal is to win a national title, but you have a bad practice and get taken down by everyone in the room, it is way too easy to reset your sights to just placing at a national tournament or believing that you never had a chance to win that title in the first place. But, if your goal is written down it is much more permanent, and not so easily changed or eliminated. Moreover, write it down multiple times and cement it in your head. It is much harder to ease up on your goal after you have written it down hundreds of times.

4.) Put Your Goal Where You Are Constantly Going to See It. 
As a student athlete, you have so many things that are competing for your attention. Do not let those things get in the way of you accomplishing your goal. Putting your goal down in a place where you will be able to see it constantly will help you to stay focused and motivated to reach your goal.

5.) Let Other People Know About Your Goal.

This goes back to the principle of accountability. There are simply going to be days where you doubt your ability to reach your goal, and it can be so easy to let yourself off the hook. The right people in your life can help you to stay focused and motivated when times are tough.