1. You agree that the sport is at least 50% mental. Any high level wrestler, coach or parent will tell you that wrestling is at least 50% mental. Usually the number is much higher. So why aren’t you directly training your mindset?

2. You do not get better at math by studying English. If there is a weakness you need to address it head on. Working harder isn’t going to help you Relax under Pressure, Pull the Trigger and Develop the Killer Instinct. These things need to be addressed head on.

3. The top college and HS teams & wrestlers are training their mindset. This season alone over 20 teams used Wrestling Mindset including Iowa State, Michigan, Edinboro, Division II NCAA Champs St. Cloud State, Rutgers, Maryland, Bergen Catholic, etc.

4. Gone are the days of general Sport Psychology. Let’s face it no one understands the unique struggles of a wrestler better than former high level wrestlers. Wrestling Mindset is made by wrestlers for wrestlers. You will learn from someone who has been in your shoes and who understands the mindset it takes to be successful.

5. Mindset training will benefit you for the rest of your life on and off the mat. Physical training has some benefits but training your mindset will benefit you in all areas- wrestling, school, career, personal relationships and on and on. Train your Mindset consistently and you will become a better more fulfilled person.