5 Musts During COVID-19 Quarantine


Be safe:

Follow all of the recommended practices during these uncertain times to help avoid getting yourself or others around you sick.


Develop an action plan:

Having a plan to train all of the essential parts of the body that will help you continue to improve in strength, conditioning and flexibility.  Being creative when devising a strength training routine by implementing body weight exercises and viewing your body as the gym. Your conditioning will most likely be the first element to decrease when you’re unable to follow your normal routine. Make sure to include measurable variables when writing out your plan like how many days per week, how far, etc. Take a look at the unique demands of your sport and what the most common body positions are when developing a flexibility routine. 

“The strength of the tree lies in its ability to bend,”


Train your mind:

Taking the time to train your mind when you have the additional time will help you strengthen your purpose, develop a direction and maximize your performance when you return back to your normal routine.  A simple exercise to help you train your mind is writing down your exact thoughts before/during your 3 best and worst performances. Once you have all of them written down, take the time to analyze and compare the thoughts that brought out your best and worst performances.  This will help you come up with an effective strategy to better prepare for similar situations and avoid making the same mistakes when you return to competition.



Take advantage of the additional time now to develop and maintain a healthy nutrition plan to prevent putting on any unnecessary body weight. Adding additional body fat will directly impact your strength, conditioning, flexibility and overall athletic performance when you’re able to resume normal activity.



Taking advantage of the additional time now to re-prioritize who you are and what you believe in. Examining yourself by strengthening your faith will allow you to become closer to God and answer these questions which will help you define your personal beliefs and purpose.


Lastly, make sure to capitalize on the free one on one trial sessions we are offering to all individuals as well as the free virtual team workshops offered to all coaches.