1. If you don’t mind, it don’t matter – Pain, soreness and exhaustion are all ingredients that great wrestlers face everyday.  If you don’t mind the pain you’ll be able to stay in better position throughout your match.  Embrace the grind!

2. It don’t matter if the horse is blind…just keep loadin’ the wagon – Its hard to be motivated each day if you can’t see where you are going. Believe in who you are, where you are going and what you are willing to go through to reach your goals.  If you have a great plan, keep working hard at it.  Forward progress each day is the key to building confidence and long term returns

3. Positive Affirmations help keep you motivated – Each day I read my own affirmation statements to help ensure I start the day off mentally prepared to be my best.  Here are some daily affirmations that I’ve come up with and some I’ve borrowed from one of my friends who paid the ultimate price in service to our country:  I dare to be great each day.  I fear no one on earth.  I set daily goals and I finish what I start. Live with integrity. Be brave. Lead from the front. Conquer your fear. Honor your family name.

4. This is my house – My favorite song to warm up to in high school was “This is My House” by Run DMC.  It never mattered where I was wrestling (home or away) I always felt that the crowd was cheering for me, that I was at my home gym and that I had the advantage over my opponents.  Anything that helps you develop a strong positive attitude is a great tool to have in your tool box.

5. Surround yourself with greatness – be around people who support you and your goals.  Find people who can help you reach your goals by sharing their experiences of success with you.  True friends will support you and help you through the tough times in your training.  Be willing to learn from anyone and make helping others reach their goals a priority.

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