Many wrestlers hold themselves back in matches and perform poorly under pressure. They lack Kyle Dake confidence that they can overcome any situation in a match. They lack David Taylor guts to pull the trigger when they see an opportunity.

Maybe Kyle Dake and David Taylor have it naturally. More than likely they have learned it over time. Here are some quick steps to building confidence:

1. Make list of your best past performances (practice or matches). This doesn’t necessarily mean only wins. Many wrestlers focus too much on what they need to improve and not enough on what they are good at. You need to look at this Confidence list often to KNOW you are a great wrestler.

2. Watch great performances of other wrestlers who use similar technique.Wrestlers need to KNOW that their technique works at their current level and at the highest level.

3. Make list of music, movies, quotes that make you feel good. The more motivated and happier you are, the more confident you will become.

4. Improve body language. When you act confident, you become more confident. This is a fact that has been studied significantly. Fake it until you make it.