1. What you do OFF the mat is as important as what you do ON the mat. Our world team members live the LIFESTYLE that allows them to compete at their highest level. They stay out of trouble, live lives of FAITH, remain humble, and focus on the things most people neglect- nutrition, proper sleep and recovery, mental training, etc. Technique, drilling and live wrestling is important, but in reality it is a small part of a normal day. What are you doing the other 20 hours?

2. Our World Team members EXPECT to win GOLD medals. You never stumble upon greatness. You never win a tournament you don’t expect to win. The harsh reality though is that not everyone at the Trials was there to win it. Of course everyone wanted to win, but not everyone EXPECTED to win. The same thing goes with the Worlds and Olympics. No one whose goal is to Medal will win the tournament. Tony Ramos said it well in his interview this weekend. Too many wrestlers are setting their goals to medal in the Worlds or Olympics. All you are doing is limiting yourself. Why create a limit? If you are good enough to Medal you are good enough to WIN!

3. Score and keep scoring! This seems to be the success motto of champions. Holding leads is not going to work at the elite level. Wrestlers are too good at this level to not be able to find a way to score on a wrestler just looking to hold on. When you stop looking to score you are a sitting duck on the verge of disappointment. Think Metcalf, Burroughs, and Ruth. They are always on the attack regardless of the score.

4. A strong faith replaces fear and limits. Look further into our World Team members. They have a strong faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. I asked Tervel Dlagnev his mental edge when competing. He said, “my faith in Jesus Christ reminds me that I should have no fear but to fear the Lord so I go out and open up!” Once our fears are conquered we can compete at our highest level. When we have Faith we know that through Him all things are possible. This gives us the courage to dream big and pursue our goals fearlessly.