Big congrats to Spencer Lee and Mark Hall for winning Junior World Gold Medals! Spencer Lee overcame a big deficit to win and Mark Hall teched his opponent in 30 seconds!


Quick Notes on Junior World Finals:


1. It doesn’t have to be close! Just because you are wrestling a great opponent in the world finals doesn’t mean it has to be a barn burner. Always look to dominate!


2. Composure is key!  Spencer Lee overcame a late 8-3 deficit to win his 3rd World title. He never panicked, he stayed composed and continued to look to score. Minute 5 looked no different then minute 1 even though he was losing. He pushed the pace early and continued to push the pace late. You could not tell if he was winning or losing the whole match, because of his consistent composure and intensity.


3. Draw First Blood! You hear a lot of people talking about feeling their opponent out early in the match. That is a bunch of garbage! The best wrestlers get after it immediately. Why wait to get to your dominant tie ups and takedowns? “Strike hard, strike first no mercy sir!” -Karate Kid (Cobra Kai). To come out like a man on fire you better have a good warm up/prematch routine!


4. Never stop believing! Spencer Lee was down late in the match, but stayed on the attack and composed like we just mentioned. In the Bronze Medal match before Mark Hall wrestled, the Georgian was losing 9-0. He continued to attack and pinned the Azerbajanian right before the 3 minute mark. Never stop believing!