1. The focus should always be on your Effort & Attitude. If your Mindset is right you should look no different in your preparation before a match or in your level of Intensity during a match, whether you are in the national finals or wrestling an early season Saturday morning dual meet. Regardless of your opponent your effort and Intensity level is sky high and your Attitude is positive.

2. Everyone can be beat. No one wears an S on their chest. Even Superman is vulnerable to Kryptonite. We have seen all the greats lose- Jordan Burroughs, Dan Gable, Alexander Karelin, Kyle Dake, Logan Stieber, David Taylor, Ed Ruth and on and on. Top seeds get knocked off all the time, upsets happen, so why not be the guy who beats the “unbeatable”.

3. A true Competitor is not afraid to lose. Looking back I don’t regret the matches I lost because I always battled hard. What I regret is the times I didn’t seek out the best possible competition to improve and put myself in difficult situations which would help me down the line. A true competitor knows that failure is not final it is feedback. Winners lose more than losers lose. Winners go for it a lot! But in the long run they are MUCH better because of it.