1. Not Pulling the Trigger. Wrestling too cautiously or conservative.

2. Looking like a different wrestler in practices and matches.

3. Lacking the Killer Instinct. Not wrestling aggressively.

4. Poor body language- looking scared or timid before matches.

5. Not wrestling to your potential.

6. Low confidence.

7. Very nervous before matches.

8. Easily distracted during matches and practices.

9. Getting tired early in the match.

10. Difficulty sleeping the night before a competition.

11. Afraid to lose or make mistakes.

12. Too critical of yourself. Feeling that everything needs to be perfect.

If you or your wrestler has any of these Red Flags it is important to address them immediately. Working harder doesn’t solve these problems. Maturing doesn’t solve these problems. If it did our college wrestlers would NOT have the same issues as many of our middle school wrestlers. You don’t get better at Math by studying English. You need to address the problem head on.

Tackle these Red Flags now so that you will not be plagued with them throughout your entire career. Each of these can be improved with the right Mental Reps. As wrestlers we take thousands of physical reps a week (drilling, lifting, running, etc.). Take the right Mental Reps each week as well and that’s when you break through plateaus and Jump Levels!

Start your Mindset Training Now!