Did you ever hit a plateau in wrestling where it seems like you’re stuck in a rut or that your hard work isn’t paying off? In this blog, we will discuss ten ways to smash through barriers and improve your wrestling quickly.


  1. Take inventory of your strengths and weaknesses.

All too often wrestlers are going a hundred miles an hour, flying through drills and learning endless technique. Often times it is best to slow things down and understand the one or two common positions you are struggling most in. Develop a plan to improve in those positions for the next few months. Also, understand how are you scoring against good competition. Learn new setups and finishes to make your strengths even better.


  1. Master the Basics:

Depth over breadth any day in wrestling. Focus more time on the basics that win matches at all levels; stance, motion, level change, head position, hips in, etc. It is better to do a little a lot, then to do a lot a little. Master these basic fundamentals of wrestling.


  1. Train with an experienced Coach in a small group:

Find a coach who understands your style of wrestling and schedule private sessions or small group sessions. For many wrestlers, it is difficult to grasp new technique in large group sessions. A wrestler may get more out a single private wrestling practice than a dozen large group workouts where they get lost in the shuffle.


  1. Get your Mind Right:

Many wrestlers are not lacking the physical tools to win, but are held back by mental issues on the mat. They often wrestle better in practice than matches, aren’t aggressive enough in matches, or give good opponents too much respect. Lack of confidence and fear of failure cripple many good wrestlers. It is essential for wrestlers to have a plan to develop confidence, mental toughness, motivation as well as being able to focus and relax under pressure. Working one on one with an expert Mindset Coach is the best and quickest way to improve your mindset. Wrestling Mindset is the global leader in one-on-one mental performance coaching. Learn More Here.


  1. Stop comparing to other people:

All wrestlers have different strengths and weaknesses. They also develop physically and mentally at different times. Comparing to others, often leads to frustration and burn out. Realize that your wrestling journey is unique and that you may develop differently than other around you. Commit to the process and trust in your training.


  1. Wrestle Freestyle and Greco:

Wrestling the Olympic styles will ensure that you learn new skills and wrestle against tough competition. Many wrestlers enjoy this change of pace and welcome a refreshing style of wrestling. Do not be afraid to try new styles and lose matches, but look at it as an opportunity to develop new technique and refine key positions of wrestling.


  1. Cross-Train:

To enhance your overall athleticism and prevent burnout, engage in non-wrestling activities. Incorporate exercises such as swimming, stretching, lifting weights, running and jumping into your routine to develop different muscle groups, improve flexibility, and improve explosive power. This will also help prevent overuse injuries and break the monotony of training.


  1. Nutrition, Sleep and Recovery:

A lot of wrestlers tend to neglect proper nutrition, sleep and recovery. This leads to subpar training and poor results. Eating a healthy diet and staying hydrated are essential for not only weight management but for optimal energy during workouts and matches.  Additionally, prioritizing adequate sleep will enhance recovery, energy and overall mood. Have a plan to recover on off days (i.e. ice baths, foam rolling, massages, etc.) will lead to better and more focused training.


  1. Spar or “Play Wrestle”

Drilling and learning new technique is important, however, learning how to spar and “play wrestle” properly will help you wrestle through transitions on the mat and develop creativity in your technique. It also helps you to develop your own style using your specific body type and physical attributes. Sparring may be difficult for inexperienced wrestlers, but is an essential tool to break through plateaus at a higher level.


  1. Seek feedback from trusted coaches.

Sometimes the quickest way to improve is to simply ask our coaches, parents or training partners. Talk to coaches about your goals and ask them what they believe is holding you back from achieving them. Keep an open mind and utilize the resources around you to develop a more effective plan.


These ten strategies will absolutely help you smash through plateaus as long as you have one more condition is met: you must believe that you can and will improve.

If you don’t believe that you can improve, you’re toast! You will find ways to self-sabotage and limit your potential drastically. Improving in wrestling requires dedication, discipline, and a commitment to continuous learning. But it CAN be done! Review this list, take notes and develop a plan to improve. Remember, failing to plan is planning to fail.

If you need help developing a comprehensive plan to improve your mindset and training regimen, Schedule a Free Trial Session with Wrestling Mindset Here.