One of the toughest things to deal with is falling short of a lifelong goal or dream. Maybe you didn’t win a state or national title that you dreamed about all your life. Does this mean you failed?

Life is all about how you frame things.

When I was in high school I dominated the competition throughout my senior season until I came up short in the state finals. In college I lost a wrestle off before the conference tournament to end my hopes at becoming an All American. Both were devastating.

For several years I looked at my career as a failure. I see a similar problem with many wrestlers that I know and have worked with. Now I know better and so will our athletes.

It all comes down to how you frame your wrestling career. How has wrestling impacted your life? What did you GAIN?

If you were Fanatical about your wrestling career, you can rest assure your life has changed in a positive way. If you truly committed to a lifestyle of Intensity, Consistency, & Constant Improvement on the mat, you didn’t fail you succeeded whether you won a title or not.

Through A Fanatical wrestling career you have learned Discipline, Accountability, Work Ethic, Sacrifice, Dedication; as well as Physical and Mental Training tools that you will have for your ENTIRE life.

Wrestling has given my brothers and I the Physical and Mental tools it takes to pursue and live a Fanatical life- in our careers, our two businesses (Z-Fanatical Fitness & Wrestling Mindset), our relationships, and our lives. We have GAINED so much from wrestling, so whether we have “succeeded” in winning state or national titles we did not fail in our wrestling careers. We succeeded and I am sure so did you.

You are better person and will have a successful life if you apply these principles in your career, your relationships, and everything that comes your way. If you haven’t yet, start framing your wrestling career this way.

STOP looking at what you lost or what you didn’t achieve and START looking at what you have GAINED from wrestling. Then no matter what happened, you succeeded and NO ONE can take that from you.

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