Step 1- Determining your Goals (both Short & Long Term) and creating an action plan. Remember, failing to plan is planning to fail.

Step 2- Developing Mental Toughness- This is the foundation of all Sport Psychology. Without it your dreams and passion will either fade or lead to their own destruction.

Step 3- Identifying your Motives and personal Motivation Buttons. Everyone encounters difficulty and hardship. Without the proper Motivation it will be impossible to endure with passion.

Step 4- Learning to Compete and Live in the Moment. This is the essence of true concentration and focus. When you learn to throw out the trash (eliminate distractions keeping you from this moment) you will be able to concentrate all of your energy on the task or performance at hand.

Step 5- Developing Poise and learning to Relax under Pressure. Pressure changes everything. Luckily, pressure is not real (thanks Kyle Dake) it is something we put on ourselves. In this phase, we develop the poise needed to bring out our best performance. We learn to transform nerves/fear into energy and power.

Step 6- Building Confidence. It is one thing to say that you are Confident. It is another thing to honestly believe you are the best wrestler in the state, nation, or world. At this step, we learn to stop placing limits on ourselves. We use all of our experiences, training, and belief to proceed confidently towards our goals regardless of past failures/setbacks.

Step 7- Competing with Clarity and a Clear Mind. The goal of Wrestling Psychology is to get wrestlers to stop holding themselves back and to compete at their full potential. Studies show that athletes compete best with a clear mind. This may explain why there are so many practice room wrestlers. In the practice room they wrestle with a clear mind, but in matches their Mind fills up with useless thoughts. At this stage, we learn to Empty our Minds, release the Emergency Brake, & Pull the Trigger in matches.

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