As the wrestling season wraps up, it’s time to reflect, recalibrate, and refocus for the off-season. The difference between good wrestlers and great ones often lies in their mindset. Wrestling Mindset, the Official Mental Training Partner of USA Wrestling, emphasizes the importance of mindset training in achieving peak performance. This is exemplified by Wrestling Mindset partners Yianni Diakomihalis, Vito Arujau and John Poznanski.


1. Season Evaluation: The first step is evaluating this past season. Did you control the controllable aspects like effort, attitude, aggressiveness, and preparation? How was your body language, and how did you manage self-doubt and perform relative to your potential? Honest answers to these questions can provide a clear direction for your off-season training.

2. Goal Setting & Accountability: A critical aspect often overlooked by wrestlers is goal setting. Take time to write down your objectives for the off-season and the upcoming season. Developing a detailed daily and weekly action plan is crucial. This plan should encompass strength training, technical improvement, mental preparation, nutrition, and enhancing speed and explosive power. A mindset coach will help you develop these plans and hold you accountable.

3. Mental Training: The off-season is the perfect time to train your mind. Working with Wrestling Mindset, athletes like Yianni, Vito, and John Poz have harnessed mental training to improve consistency and achieve their best performances. Wrestling Mindset has helped thousands of other wrestlers and teams, demonstrating the effectiveness of mental preparation.

4. Freestyle and Greco-Roman Preparation: With the focus shifting towards Freestyle and Greco-Roman tournaments, such as Fargo, mindset strategies become even more crucial. Peak performance in these styles demands a strong mental game.

5. Boosting Confidence and Resilience: Mindset training is vital for overcoming self-doubt, bouncing back from injuries, and recovering from setbacks. It builds confidence, focus, and resilience, essential qualities for any wrestler aiming for greatness.

6. Daily Mental Process: A Wrestling Mindset Coach will help athletes develop a daily mental routine that enhances confidence, focus, mental resilience, and self-belief. This process is designed to improve consistency and overall performance.


In conclusion, the off-season is not just for physical recovery and technical improvement but also for mental strengthening. By working with a Mindset Coach, wrestlers can set themselves apart, turning potential into success. With Wrestling Mindset’s guidance, any wrestler can develop the mental toughness required to excel both on and off the mat.


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