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What not to do when coaching mental game.
 1. Not Doing Mindset Training at All.

When we say it is 90% Mental but we train 90% Physical that is a problem we need to bridge the gap. We can always learn. However just like bad habits we have mental bad habits too. There is a systematic way to get into great mental habits. Just like strength training we need to use Mental Training as a competitive edge to maximize your potential on and off the mat.


2. Waiting until there is a mental problem.

Do not wait until there is a problem to start mental training. Mindset training takes many repetitions. Just like being in the weight room. It is consistent training that allows you to improve and increase your mentality. Develop good habits right away.


3. Making it Optional.

Would you make sprints or cardio optional to your wrestlers? Most likely not. Same with mindset training. Just think about extra homework for students. How many would actually do extra homework? When you make something optional it often gets over looked and not treated seriously. Mindset training is a benefit for wrestling, school, and life and it will be a huge help for your wrestlers.


4. Assuming Goal Setting is Enough.

Mindset Training is more than just writing your goals down on paper. There are many different layers to not only mindset training but also goal setting. Our Goal Setting lessons alone have (Short Term Goals, Long Term Goals, and Action Plans) writing it down is not good enough. Everyone has goals and knows there goals. It is all about the steps you are taking everyday to get you closer to the goals you set for yourself.


5. Assume your Athletes are telling the Truth.

Even the great Dan Gable talks about how athletes will sometimes only tell you what you want to hear. As much as we want to trust our athletes a lot of them will not give you the full truth and only tell you what is easier for the situation. Gable used to give his team questions and surveys to really dig deep and even that was not enough. Gable noticed truthful conversations with your athletes will go along way. If a conversation seems too easy then it may be likely your athlete is just telling you what you want to hear.


6. Assume your going to have enough time to do mindset training by yourself.

Do you have enough time to get all of your athletes? There is alot your doing as a coach. Just like having a strength coach to put your wrestlers through workouts. As a coach you are doing many things (coaching, scheduling, administrations, etc). Even if you are really good at mindset training, it is very hard to give a full effort of mindset training to all of your wrestlers with many other things going on. Wrestling Mindset is here to help maximize your teams success on and off the mat. 


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Blog by: Ray Jaz (Wrestling Mindset Coach)