Wrestling Mindset statement on J’den Cox semis match:
First of all, we are big J’den Cox fans. He has an unbelievable mindset. We wanted him to win and this was absolutely crushing to watch.
Now sentiments and emotion aside here is the scoop:
Criteria is NOT to blame. Criteria is simple- highest amplitude score, least passivity calls and then last score. And if that isn’t simple enough, the wrestler with the lead has an underline under his name on the scoreboard.
The onus is always on the wrestler. Obviously the coach is also responsible to communicate this with the wrestler, but ultimately it comes down to the wrestler as with anything else. Maybe the coaches could have communicated it better (I really don’t know?), but that isn’t the main issue regardless.
The main issue from a mental standpoint is not attempting to score for 1.5-2 minutes. Two minutes is 1/3 of the match. Winning, losing, close match or blow out its not okay to shut down a high power offense with 1/3 of the match remaining. Dual meet, Local tournament, or Olympic semi finals it’s not okay to stop looking to score for 1/3 of the match.
Look to score ALL 6 minutes of the match; offense, counter offense, short offense, whatever, but continue to score throughout the bout. Then either way we can be more at peace with the outcome. This is the real lesson here!
But we ALL make mistakes. J’Den Cox has a great mindset and I believe he will fight hard for the Bronze medal. We are with you J’den, bounce back strong and have fun!