The Purpose of Sports and 8 Guiding Principles


The purpose of sports is to cultivate the dignity and harmony of our bodies to develop its health, strength, agility and grace. We should never prioritize the success of sports before the following eight guiding principles.

“Never put passion in front of principle, even if you win, you’ll lose.” 


  • Mr. Miyogi




  • Orderliness


Sports are designed to balance the formation and education of the entire person.



  • Health


We should never compromise or sacrifice our health for success in sports.



  • Recreation


The definition of recreation is to recreate the soul to make us better people and citizens. Sports aid us to better fulfill our duties in work and study.



  • Reason


Our bodies should be trained to obey the council, wisdom and reason.



  • Responsibility


Sports teach us loyalty, courage, fortitude and resolution. These elements are defined as the foundations for faith, hope and love.



  • Sacrifice


Sports help us learn the importance and willingness of sacrifice.



  • Safety


Even though sacrifice is one of the eight principles we should never sacrifice our safety or health for success.



  • Service


Sports are meant to be at the service of God.


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