Depending on the people you surround yourself with, do you notice you start mimicking their habits, catch phrases, actions, hobbies, interests, etc.? If you are within a bad crowd, you might catch yourself doing things that you normally wouldn’t be doing. You are only doing them because everyone else around you does it regularly. Some people don’t even know they are going down hill until someone brings it up to them. Other times it is easy to take note of what is going on and removing yourself from the people that are making you, not you anymore. You notice that you need new change, a better change, a healthier change, a motivation if you will.

The first step you want to take with this process is identifying some people that are a good influence on you. These people can be people you actually know personally, famous athletes, or peers that you see on a regular basis. These people you chose, they should have similar goals, asspirations, beliefs, and values. You will now surround yourself with them. Interact with these people, become their friend, help each other out. Now, what happens if some of these people  you have never met? There are other ways to surround yourself with them. Watch highlight videos and post their picture in areas that you see everyday. Examples:

  1. Computer
  2. Locker
  3. Bedroom
  4. Mirror
  5. Phone
  6. Youtube