There’s a place for mercy, compassion, and empathy, but it’s not in competition. If you are going to look back and regret a loss or a close score, you must be willing to break your opponents, take no prisoners and step on their throat . You gotta have that Killer Instinct if you want to get the most out of yourself.

I am not endorsing cheating, fighting, or taking cheap shots. I am simply stating a fact- most of the best wrestlers and athletes have that KILLER INSTINCT.

When you’re winning you gotta step on their throat. –Jim Clark (sales and investing guru and personality)

No Mercy. –John Kreese (Cobra Kai Sensei- Karate Kid)

The point illustrated-
Watch as my UPenn professor defends racial equality and kicks the crap out of a racist author…

“It is certainly embarrassing to be wrong. It is doubly embarrassing when your own facts prove you wrong. But isn’t it triply embarrassing when, rather than confess the mistake, one is incoherently pushing the disconfirming facts in support of the theory? And isn’t it quadruply embarrassing when the argument that shows the theory to be wrong is included—and with some insistence!—in the book that defends the theory? Finally, not to be uncharitable but the question must be asked: isn’t it quintuply embarrassing when all of this should be transparently obvious?”*

*taken from the theories of Gil-White (Dr. Francisco Gil-White)

This is the intellectual equivalent of how you handle your opponent on the field of play. There is no room for feeling sorry for your opponent on the mat. It will hurt both you and them.

Zeke Jones used to preach this attitude in practice as well. He reminded us not to be afraid to break our opponents, teammates, friends, and in some cases our brothers on the wrestling mat. He told us to break one partner, go on to the next, break him, move on, and again and again as often as possible. This is how you jump levels, improve conditioning, develop the killer instinct and get the most out of yourself.

Be willing to step on their throat! (figuratively speaking of course).

In honor of the wrestling season beginning, here is the documentary THE SEASON: IOWA WRESTLING…this is what I’m taking about.