I have a sign up in my office that says- Play Like a Champion Today. This is a symbol of Consistency to me. In the way I work, train, and live.

There is no magical formula for success. It simply boils down to doing the right things on a consistent basis.

Before you talk about winning a state, national or Olympic title you have to talk about consistency. Consistency in your training and consistency in the way you live.

Strength training works- if you do it consistently.

Proper Nutrition works- if you do it consistently.

Mindset training works- if you do it consistently.

Your Effort and Attitude must be held high consistently. I am not interested in working with people who are complacent or looking to just get by. I want to work with athletes who are looking to get better on the mat, in school, in their personal relationships, and in life.

If you work with us though, you are going to do it the only way I know that works- Consistently.

Consistent mental and physical training leads to consistency in competition.

Treat every match, practice, and competition like the Olympic finals, because one day it just may be. And when that day comes no one will be more prepared than you!

Play Like a Champion Today!