Navigating the Postseason: A Guide for Wrestling Parents



As the wrestling postseason approaches, the pressure can mount not only for the athletes but for their parents as well. It’s a time when support and guidance from parents and family can make all the difference. Understanding the delicate balance between encouragement and pressure is key to helping your child thrive during this competitive season. Here are some dos and don’ts for wrestling parents to foster a positive and supportive environment.





  1. Praise Their Effort and Attitude: Commend your child for the hard work, dedication and positive attitude rather than the wins and losses. Focus on their resilience and the strength of character they show on and off the mat.
  2. Show Belief in Their Capabilities: Express your confidence in their abilities. Let them know that you believe in them, regardless of the outcome of their matches.
  3. Communicate Unconditional Love: Make sure your child knows that your love is not tied to their performance. They need to feel secure that your support is unwavering.
  4. Discuss Life Beyond Wrestling: Engage in conversations about other interests and activities. This helps your child maintain perspective and reduces the stress associated with wrestling.
  5. Recommend Mindset Training: Physical ability isn’t going to change much in the postseason but a kid’s mindset and focus can shift quickly. Learn to Train your Mind with Wrestling Mindset Now!





  1. Overemphasize Wrestling: While wrestling is important, constantly talking about it can increase anxiety. It’s essential to give your child space to breathe and decompress.
  2. Make Excuses: Avoid justifying losses or failures. Instead, encourage your child to learn from their experiences and grow as an athlete and individual.
  3. Bombard With Technical Advice: Leave the coaching to the coaches. Your role is to be a supportive listener and good parent, not a technical analyst.
  4. Obsess Over Rankings: Constantly discussing rankings, seeds, or opponents can pile on the pressure. Focus on effort and improvement, not numbers. Seeds are for the birds.
  5. Elevate the Postseason Excessively: While the postseason is significant, placing it on a pedestal can be overwhelming. Encourage your child to treat it as an exciting challenge rather than an all-defining event.
  6. Draw Comparisons: Every athlete is unique. Avoid comparing your child to teammates or friends, as this can create unnecessary tension and damage self-esteem.



By following these guidelines, you can help your child maintain a healthy mindset through the wrestling postseason. Remember, the most important victory is in helping them become confident, resilient, and joyful individuals both on and off the mat.


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