Why are people lazy?

Again, we must go back to motivation. The root word in motivation is motive. To understand any behavior or attitude, you must first consider the two basic human motives.

When you boil it all down the two human motives are (1) Avoid Pain (2) Gain Pleasure. Your mind links pleasure and/or pain to all life events- persons, places, and things (due to past experience and information from others).

The trick is to discover the links in your mind through honest self-contemplation. If you are honest with yourself and take a little time to think, you will be surprised the positive results and the relatively little time it took for you to discover this information.

You must destroy all unproductive links in your mind and develop new and empowering links. Use pain and pleasure to your advantage.

If a person is lazy, then they do not have pleasure and pain working for them in this area of their life.

Think a little bit harder about why you may be lazy in a given area of your life. What is pleasurable about the activity that you are putting off. (make a list) What is painful about the event you are putting off (another list).

I would wager that the pain exceeds the pleasure at this point in your life.
You must reverse this process. Change begins in your mind. If you transform your mind, you can transform your body.

Start with your mind. Use pain and pleasure to your advantage. This is the root to changing your laziness.