There is a false idea out there that it’s smooth sailing for many national and world champions. That practices, weight loss, and other training comes easy to them. That they dominate every day without losses and setbacks.

Well I assure that national and world champions have their bad days too. They get beat up, embarrassed and have their setbacks. There is one big difference that makes them stand out:

After these bad days, losses and setbacks they STILL believe that they are the best. They wake up the next morning and are able to put it behind them enough to have complete confidence that they can and will achieve their goals.

Look at Kyle Snyder. He loses in the Big Ten finals, the national finals and then goes out and wins a World Title. You don’t do that without having a tremendous amount of confidence and faith in yourself and your training. And its no surprise that when I asked Tom Ryan what is Kyle Snyder’s greatest asset he said confidently that it is his Mind. He believes in himself even after devastating losses, embarrassment and setbacks.

Mindset Tip: Every morning write down- I am going to achieve my goal and there is nothing that can stop me!- End of story. Keep it simple. No matter what happened yesterday, today you are unstoppable!